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ScreenLogger is a desktop screen recording product designed for network environments such as call centers and back-offices.  PC desktops screens are recorded as video to allow supervisors to review the exact sequence of events on any PC on the network. Integration with voice recorders provides audio & video playback.
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Screen logging KEY FEATURES voice recording
• Records hundreds of PC desktop screens in call centers and back offices.

• Desktop actions on any workstation can be review as a video recording.

• Automatically record actions and activities of remote desktop users.

• Configurable rules to start recording when selected software applications are used.

• Detect and view recordings of unauthorized applications used during office hours.

• Stealth operation – no indication of desktop screen recording on workstation.

• Very efficient network & storage usage, video is compressed and streamed to dedicated servers.

• High security – encrypted video and can only be viewed by authorized users.

• SDK for integration with Voice Recorders – enables synchronized audio & video playback.

• PCI-DSS compliance

• No setup is required on the workstation or server machines.
Ekisa software clients END USER QUOTES Ekisa screen recording
"The Ekisa ScreenLogger mimics the agent’s desktop movements and navigation as it actually happens. This enhances the view for the QA and a more accurate assessment can be conducted."

"The duration to conduct QA sessions are reduced, thereby allowing more assessments to be conducted per Agent."

"This presence of screen recording also encourages Agents to be more diligent about the processes that need to be followed and the required discipline."

"The Ekisa ScreenLogger assists management in improving the quality standards in a shorter space of time. This will no doubt contribute positively to customer relations!"

"With the introduction of Ekisa Screen Recording, the agent had consistently achieved an above target score of 85% !!"

"There was a commendable reduction in the average handling time which supports better productivity"

"Agents are aware that their performance was being monitored, so they did not do other things in the call such as responding to personal e-mails whilst talking to the customer."

"The Ekisa screen recording application had allowed me to be more effective during agent assessments"

ScreenLogger V3.2 is now available!
       - New HTTP API for Ekisa SDK provides cross-platform support with HTML5 web playback

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